Speaking with Fabio Moretti, President of the Fashion Law Commission of UIA on its event next Friday!

As you may know, UIA -Union Internationale des Advocats- is a multilingual and multicultural organizationand is the only major international lawyers’ organization to have adopted French, English and Spanish as its working languages.

The UIA's membership has extensive expertise in legal matters, which means the UIA can initiate high-level legal debates within its technical commissions and working groups, as well as adopts resolutions on current problems faced by the legal profession throughout the world.

To promote professional excellencethe UIA offers seminars, training sessions and other events throughout the year in several countries, which are also accredited for continuing education purposes.

Speaking with Fabio Moretti, president of UIA´s Fashion Law Commission, he told us that in 2013, they found a fashion law commission, with the purpose of studying and debating the complexity of the fashion industry and its relation with the law.

Since then, the commission has been holding several events and seminars related to fashion law.

Fabio is an attorney, with an MBA from CUOA. He has extensive experience in negotiating and drafting both national and international contracts, especially involving various aspects of intellectual property rights.

He is also a qualified professional mediator and president of Fashion Mediation Association (www.fashion-mediation.org), the first mediation center world-wide dedicated exclusively to fashion.

Later this week, will take place a Seminar in Venice -Italy- on February 19th, at the Venice Arbitration Chamber, and its main topic will be Corporate Transactions in the Fashion Industry.

The seminar is aimed to provide the audience with a deep view of the most interesting corporate operations in an extremely dynamic sector of business: fashion.

Speakers from different countries will discuss about the most relevant and specific questions of M&A transactions and of IPOs in the world of fashion from various legal points of view including IP, labour, tax and others.

You can access the full program in this link.