Google launches fashion supply chain tool


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Google has partnered with luxury brand Stella McCartney and fashion innovation consultancy Current Global to develop a new supply chain tool.
The tool has been designed to help companies add visibility to their supply chain at the raw material stage. 
It uses data analytics and machine learning on Google Cloud to give brands a more comprehensive view into their supply chain, particularly concerning cotton and viscose production.
The project was announced at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit this week, and is set to launch early next year. 
In a post on Instagram, chief innovation officer at Current Global, Rachel Arthur, said: ”Currently, there exists little to no visibility of this tier, while simultaneously it is responsible for the largest amount of environmental damage most items of clothing hold.
”With this tool, fashion brands will be able to better understand the cost to nature of their raw materials by measuring key factors such as air pollution, water scarcity, greenhouse gas emissions and more in near time.”
She added: ”Our ultimate aim is to create an open industry-wide tool by working with fashion brands, NGOs and industry bodies.”